Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cradle for Slavery

The average working hours in our office is 10-12 hours or more in a day. Among my colleagues I am always the first to leave and take note ;-) I am leaving the office like 7pm. They usually leave between 8-9pm.

So, it is quite a common joke for us to say that leaving the office at 6pm means a half day work only. ;-)

For this reason, I can’t help but whine about the long hours we spend in the office. I don’t know with my colleagues but for me I really find it quite long. If my pending works can wait until the next day, I make it to a point that I leave at 7pm but most of the time I have urgent matters to complete so I stay until 8pm.

This is our normal office routine and lately I felt like our office becomes a cradle for slavery. I reach the office at 8am and leaves between 7-8pm. Our weekly off is everyday Friday while Saturday off is on alternate basis.

I really hate to rant because there are many people without jobs there and here I am ranting about my job! Geeee… Just can’t help to rant about it!