Monday, March 8, 2010

My First Sales Blitz

Our sales team is comprised of half new comers including me and the other half of seasoned sales managers.

And today, I joined them for the “sales blitz”. It is a jargon for sales people in hotel industry which basically means to approach each office in a particular building being blitz for that day.

Our sales blitz is every Monday and today the new gang (and I) did the sales blitz. It was not new for me as I used to help our sales team before in my previous hotel for sales blitz.

So, how is sales blitz done? It is actually very simple. As we were a team of 3 sales persons, we assigned respective floors to blitz. Generally the first person you approach in the sales blitz is the receptionist and oftentimes they are not the person responsible for hotel bookings. Then we will ask for the contact details of the concerned person in which you can take an appointment later to introduce your hotel. Sometimes you are lucky to meet directly the responsible person.

Most of the companies you encounter in sales blitz have no potential. It means they will not give you any business or they do not require hotels in their business operation.

The purpose of this sales blitz activity is to introduce again our hotel and to gain new contact and prospects.

And of course in between the blitz, we had our coffee break in Dunkin Donuts. It was funny because my colleague (the senior in our gang) felt bad because she already taught us the “bad habits” of sales people – pretending to work.