Friday, September 24, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Thursday evening..

I am quite frustrated that I am receiving a lot of business inquiries but nothing is materializing. So it made me think and analyze my work process, or to be blunt, my sales process. If I am not turning a piece of business lead into a real business, then there is something wrong in my work equation.

So frustrated and down, I approached the most senior sales person in our office. It was quite late already so nobody was around except us.

In misty eyes, I shared my frustrations in my new role and he generously shared his words of wisdom from years of working as sales person.

Please your clients, not your boss. Honestly, I am stunned with his first tip. Though it is the boss who supports us, it is the client’s business that will help us shine in our field of work. For sales, what matters most is the business we bring and we can only shine if we continuously bring business and meet our targets.

It is the end that justifies the means. Sad, but true.

Always answer your phone. Clients will call us for a reason. It means they need for something and most likely they will not call us again. In circumstance that we are engaged in the meeting, then we have to send an sms that we will return their call shortly.

Empowerment. He said that this comes with experience only. Until and unless I have solid experiences, I cannot feel the sense of empowerment.

Right now, I am about to have a lucrative employment package which I can feel the effect next month. I need this package as much as I abhor this job. I am thinking that with my new salary and allowances, I will expedite the payments of my mounting bills.

This is the reason that I am working hard to survive this job at least for a year. By then, I will pay off most of my financial debts.