Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 7 Rooms.. continuation

Hello there!

My 7 rooms checked in today and to my surprise, one of the guest wanted to see me. So I did.
I am really nervous when it comes to meeting new people because I am an introvert person. Unlike other people, they are bubbly and words simply flow naturally from their mouth.
I met this guy, the pilot. He is actually the decision maker and the owner of the company. Generally when sales people meet clients, there is one goal to achieve – to extract as much information as you can from the client.

And this comes very hard on my part because sometimes I am lost in between on what to ask next.. Worst, I just remember the missing information when I am back at the office.
Anyway, I managed to extract some information and the bottom line of our meeting was about developing long term business relationship. This company has really a potential and they will be booking regularly of course with one condition – cheap rate.

Well, with our hotel struggling for business, we can really drop room rates just to secure the business.

And the pilot wants to close the deal by end of the day as he is checking out tomorrow.
Since I am very new to this field, I ask our Assistant Director of Sales to help me conclude the business. Kind enough, she joined our next meeting in the afternoon. Honestly, she did the sales pitch and negotiation. I just observed how she did it.

I am impressed by her skill. Her questions are very structured.. it goes like this..
After exchange of business cards, she had chitchat about non-business related subject. Then I remembered from my training in the previous hotel, the best way to start this actually is from the business. Ask about the info in the business card just to start a conversation.

Then she asked about their needs and divides it into two parts – the negotiable and non-negotiable needs.

Next she enumerated how we could meet their business needs.

Then the negotiation about the rates started.

The meeting took around 45 minutes and before I left the office today, I sent our proposal.

Let’s see if I will get this piece of juicy business.. hopefully I will..