Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have traversed a different career path however no matter how I directed my career to another route, I still landed in a job that I detested most!

I hate to be a sales person yet I accepted the promotion to be a sales executive. I am officially a sales executive in an international hotel chain as of 1st January 2010.

Why I accepted it?

I currently have mounting bills of personal loans and credit cards to pay. More so, I am feed up of working as a Personal Assistant. So now, I am embarking to a new career life which is totally different to who I am.

I am an introvert individual and I love the creative aspect of life. Bullshitting my way around is not my cup of tea.

Also, this promotion breaks my heart because I will be giving up the career – writing - that I long to pursue. This is the only career that matters to me but with my current financial situation I do not have the liberty to be irrational.

Wish me tons of luck!